Write A Winning Commercial Cultivation Business Plan With Our Proven Template

Download the business plan template that dozens of marijuana and cannabis entrepreneurs have used to secure SBA and investor funding.


"I spent six months lost on how to create my business plan. The ThinkLions template put it all in perspective!"

- David Asher, MinorSociety

About The Template

Having trouble writing your business plan? You're not alone. Writing a commercial cultivation business plan requires special considerations that other plans don't – and if you do it wrong, your chances of funding diminish greatly. Our business plan template has been adopted by dozens of cannabis entrepreneurs, helping them raise millions of dollars in funding from banks, SBA, and investors. 

How To Use The Template

The business plan template provides you with a detailed format that allows readers to quickly grasp your marijuana business idea. In addition to giving you our winning template, you'll also receive tips and insights to help you understand and fill in each section. 

Simply download the template, follow the included tips, and start writing a business plan that impresses financiers and draws them into your business idea. 
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